RaceDay XXII tric flyer
a much bigger .jpg   a similarly huge  .psd! and the pièce de résistance a 300dpi for 2-up on an 8½x11
and there exist earlier versions as well...  i1, 12, i3, and i4 and i5... many of which have psd's as well, if you're interested, and are willing to type .psd instead of .jpg for many of them.

yes.  well this is better.  now it can be known not in the foremost pge of the site, that yes, without fail (dammit!) the race most certainly -is- coming.


so all I've got to share with you is Race Day shizz I've been working on after finding this sexy Clement woman on Wikipedia and Wonder Womaning her with the polygonal lasso to my hearts content.

you can get a riduculously high resolution version of her (the same size as she started on Wikipedia! thanks W-Peed, that's Pauley Perrette worthy high-resolution imagery!) by clicking on the super-smallified version on the left there if you just want to print one on a nice sheet (I haven't tried bigger than 8½x11 myself...) but because she's a huge 4980x6840 px she should print very well bigger with no problems.

of course I'm always recommending visiting your King County Library System's local branch (if you're local!) and getting your 25 free full-color prints of the 2-up which'll give you 50 gorgeous flyers at 300dpi EVERY WEEK!, if you use the 2-up image (but the big one, click that little one!) below...

thumbnail, click it and print the big'un!
this is a thumbnail!  don't print it!
click it and print THIS!
d8sprok! d8sprok! howbout a date beautiful? and a sprock...
and the date-sprocket (d8sprok) is "available"
huge .jpg                 huge  .psd
and doesn't have all the crappy
 aliasing like this tiny gif above..

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