yet another monthly ride...

the 1st incarnation      2nd try?      and three...      fourth (so far, where's her bong?)
this latest ride flyer .psd HERE
 and the first .psd (was too small!)

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maybe back to a little Mucha then?  hey isn't this the girl from the race?  nice boobs Alphonse, not as freakin' crazy intense as that October gal.  rrrnngghh.  still not over her!  wake up!  get your shirt on hon,
F-Ride-Day's a-comin'!  the 1st!  don't say you weren't warned!
does this girl look a little Amanda Knox-y or is that just me?

so when and where's this meeting to decide these things?  don't tell Dookie?
all the links are from last month still, so don't believe the lack of hype.

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