girl modded for 10-6-2017
twice as big .jpg
twice as big .psd

el Chup's got a real web-page! Jupiter Bar's got a facebook page whatcha know!
the secret spot is secret.  ssshh!

there's a whole web out here that's not on facebook, honest, like this site here.  it doesn't constantly muck up the art through "sharing" or "reposting", et cetera...


so get your bike under yer butt and get over there on Greenwood Ave N, maybe around 7pm  or so?  sharpness is up to you, maybe we'll play some mumbleypeg? probably won't roll out until 9 or so, but nobody's tellin where it goes next (because it's a secret!) but it will wend it's way south down to familiar 2nd Ave, but with a new pinball joint!  somehow apparently, Georgetown will be ignored this month?

it has been approximated that this may well be the 250th ride the club's ever been on, but we're not really sure.

old website

lotsa stuff in there...