Gergis worked hard on this viddy, and it needs to get out to the world in other ways than facebook posting. Or reposting.
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Gerg's Raceday XX viddy
some other guy's Raceday XX viddy-

--below are the late June 2016 revisions-

well, you're not stupid I hope, probably don't like being constantly called it, might not mind if you really are, but anyway, -this- year I'd like to cordially invite y'all to ride from who knows where yet, down to Georgetown 98108, for some fan-freakin'-tastic bike fun here in early August, for some reason on Saturday this year, the logic of which still escapes me, but we can all talk about that on the sixth of August in the year of our Bicycle Jesus 2016, and we can all toss back a couple of cold ones, shoot the breeze, and have a nice night celebrating Lammas. and more importantly, bicycles. As once again, the race is coming, and you'll kick yourself for missing it if you don't come, and tire of everybody else telling you great stories that you weren't there for. Hope to see you then, it's always better when you're there. yeah, great party and all, but the riding down the hill is where the real fun is, and like most everything, you'll never know until you try.

if you'd like to print some flyers to pass out to like-minded friendly two-wheeled friendly folk, you can get a giant 9.3 Meg file by clicking on the littler one above, it'll make an 11x17 at 300 dpi, and Marlene Deitrich is pretty hot if you ask me. I hope she's got a skirt guard on that rear wheel, but I watched the whole "the Spoilers" movie here this afternoon, and while the dress impressed the hell out of me, I never saw her riding a bike once in the movie. she gave some dude a really big slap when she didn't care for his unwanted advances, so with that in mind be nice if you come ride with us, please. Dead Baby Bikes is pretty proud to announce we've made it to year 20, use the QR to see our humble beginnings where more than a couple of us thought we weren't going to last this long. oh, ye of little faith, just believe!