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bicycle boys and girl modded for 5-4-2018! woohoo!
a much bigger .jpg   a twice and a half-sized .psd! and the pièce de résistance a huge 2-up for 8.5x11 liberry prints, near 40M!
but then some other 2-ups, a less yellow one, a 3rd one, and the "final" one for me, because the .psd's there so you can futz with it youselves...
wooh that free kcls printing's funky! so sez half-a-BJ in 4 sheets?

there's a whole web out here that's not on facebook, honest, like this site here.  it doesn't constantly muck up the art through "sharing" or "reposting", et cetera... if you've seen this there it may have been "algoritmed" in ways I never planned...


so get your bike under yer butt and get over there to the White Horse maybe around 7pm  or so? not to be confused with the White Horse in Austin TX, where Chalo and I rode to 2 years ago for May. sharpness is to be freakin' sharp because the stiletto's back to the flyer! probably won't roll out until 9 or so, as usual.  but don't miss out, or you'll never find the secret second stop (SSS!) great movie!

should the secret second stop (sss!) elude you, you can always catch the tail at the Chelan under the bridge.  nothin' like catching tail under a bridge, right?

yeah, maybe that is seriously yellow? well, duly agonized over and tried 3 more times there, it's in your hands!

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