girl modded for 1-5-2018! yet another year woohoo!
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there's a whole web out here that's not on facebook, honest, like this site here.  it doesn't constantly muck up the art through "sharing" or "reposting", et cetera...


so get your bike under yer butt and get over there to , the Quarter Lounge maybe around 7pm  or so?  sharpness is up to you, I didn't even get the stiletto in this month. probably won't roll out until 9 or so, as usual.  or just pick it up on the way, but this is lookin' like a tight little one, so buck up lads and lassies, you can do it!  for 2018, maybe you'll make all the rides?

it has been approximated that this may well be the 250th ride the club's ever been on, but we're not really sure.

old website

lotsa stuff in there...