and then RaceDay.

the race is here!
can you feel the excitement?
are you prepared?
ohmigarsh ohmigarsh ohmigarsh!!
once down the city, and over to Georgetown...
making this the
Greatest Party Known to Human-Kind!
and that's what they're telling the busses!

so k, we know where it's starting now, so make a new flyer, right?  right!

you best be high-tailin' it down to
the Black Dog Forge

2316 2nd Avenue
(that's the alley between 2nd and 3rd Avenues!)
Seattle WA

2-up 8x11
(careful with the
paper cutter
11x17 1-up
11x17 1-up
or maybe a .psd?
8x14 4-up
mych 2017 4-up 8.5x14
a start!

live to ride,
ride to live,


or izzit

love to ride,
ride to love.



ohmigarsh, am I trying to make the web-design more phone-friendly?  didn't think I'd be doing that 20 years ago...

all tall and skinny's fine, but I so want you to widen your outlook and turn it sideways,,,

big-ass .jpg when you click. again! Dookie rocks!

text from the flyer, but bigger, and the usual way...

there's a whole web out here that's not on facebook, honest, like this site here.  it doesn't constantly muck up the art through "sharing" or "reposting", et cetera...

 surely there is some ill-defined facebook group just about RaceDay XXI this year, new and special for it, so get in and get your blather on early!

as filled in as it's gonna git ...
(well, I'll get everybody that got in before midnight in later tonight...)
the Giant List of Numbers, is yours in there?
because it's TOO LATE to

so get your bike under yer butt and get over there to the forge, maybe around 4 or so?  because there's gonna be a shit-ton of people, right?
like four'd be good, we can get a buncha people signing the waiver figure out how to do it and shizz...  I was thinkin' when I went outside here a little after 4 I had something to do to keep myself busy...

old website

lotsa stuff in there...