RaceDay XXII tric flyer

1.  Drunky's
2.  the end!  and something about "the Greatest Party Known to Humankind!" 1999

see you up at Drunky's!

Lammas is upon us once again, and a large porton of this season's harvest is being converted to beer, and once again there's going to be a huge-ass bike race that you should DEFINITELY ride in and revel at the end and help drink some of that.

the 22nd DBB downhill will be released from high atop the hill from nowhere else but Drunky's Two Shoes BBQ in lovely White Center!

that's at 9655 16th Ave SW SeaWA 98106 if you need a map or something

pregger it baby!
sign up for a number! maybe just maybe we'll get numbers this year like so many years long ago... but it's too late.
it's Giant, but kindly.
in stone.  set.  done.

make sure you check  the list!

and we'll see you up there on the afternoon of August 4th!

join the Facebook group if'n you're into that kind of thing, but answer the damn questions!

we may even figure out some way to  exchange ducats beforehand, if'n anybody grows a ball or an ovary.

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