.psd here!  you can art it up too!

don't poke the bear, huh?  race shit releasing slow slow slow ohmygarshness slow and don't get all excited the date's out here already...  is it a new record?  nothingelse yet, no start, no finish, but a little ahead, huh?  patience is what they call a virtue.

dang I've gotta work on that tallbike model, get those forks (both of them!) sensible and more reality-based, hrmmm...  howbout a brake?  a bottom bracket?  some non-block pedals? k, non-blockish good, now for little teeny cylindrica, bumps all cast in the black plastic maybe?

so now fer realz we do other shit on this website all year than get excited about the race.   every freakin' month for a gosh-darn long time, I've been going, on a bike ride with some folks.  and we shoot the breeze. three places, maybe?

oh lookie there, back to the
Wilhelm Klingspor Gottish
and some flames!

so soon!
cool mandala hippie...

1 . 2 . 3 a beverage at each?, your party. clockwork yours!
these digits will turn to links to the three stops after  TBD (they've been determined).

the race is coming, right?  just  June - July and then...  all kindza date-o-race, which is -all-there-is- so far, freakin' calm down, K...  print some at your local kcls library, it's free!!

never too early to start thinking about it...  to get in a fb group to help!
 well, unless you don't answer the questions, 'cuz that doesn't work..
or don't play facebook because it's all bullshit

see you out there!

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3 times the date; 7 different ways.
something about a race? and some kind of party?

tricj the FIRST!
tricj the 2nd
tricj the T'urd
tricj the 4th
tricj the fi'th, urp...
tricj the 6th
tricj the 7th
#8, with sweet tallbikes now!!
 ^^ most up-to-date flyer here at the end ^^