the race is coming!
can you feel the excitement?
don't you just want to tell everybody?

throw your back hard into
making this the
Greatest Party Known to Human-Kind!

now when I'm on the bus and somebody else puts a bike on I personally can't wait to tell them about the race and how fun it is to ride with a whole bunch of people all at once and promises of fame and glory to boot, oh, gotta get some flyers to thrust into eager people's awaiting hands!!

2-up 8x11
(careful with the
paper cutter
11x17 1-up
11x17 1-up
or maybe a .psd?
8x14 4-up
mych 2017 4-up 8.5x14
a start!

live to ride,
ride to live,


or izzit

love to ride,
ride to love.



big-ass .jpg when you click.

there's a whole web out here that's not on facebook, honest, like this site here.

dead baby bikes is supposed to be more than a race once a year, and more than a facebook group, but surely there is some ill-defined facebook group just about RaceDay XXI this year, new and special for it, so get in and get your blather on early!

newly  blanked, ready for filling, there's the
the Giant List of Numbers, is yours in there?
which you should check before you

and soon we'll take your money even! if'n the powers that be aren't too stick in the muddy, and we figure out something better than paypal gouging us for 2.9% and 30/transaction.

now don't think filling in the form's gonna instantly work or anything, the captcha is there to make sure you're a human, because there's an actual human (the ListMaster) on the other end of the e-mail the robots send who updates the list, so it takes a day or two sometimes.  nothing wrong with filling out the form ONCE so we know what size shirt you're wanting and what number you're wishing for (not one of the babies' silly, check the list!) and maybe we'll all have numbers this year if Woody doesn't whine too hard.

old website

lotsa stuff in there...